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Good afternoon!

Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on September 16, 2011

First off, my apologies for the visual blandness of the post. Wireless at the current anchorage exists, which is exciting, but it’s not strong enough to upload images. But that aside….

I wish you could see my afternoon today. We awoke this morning to strong Northwest winds; exactly the wrong direction for the otherwise snug (and free!) mooring we’ve been sitting on off Warren Island State Park. After a night of rocking and rolling, just a few moments of upright wakefulness made it clear we needed to set up shop elsewhere.

Our newly repaired outboard pushed us along with the help of a steady tailwind, and we made our way to the far side of a nearby island. We’re now anchored in a quiet cove. We’re all alone, save a tern who keeps stopping by to say hello. There are a few summer homes high on the hills providing our protection from the wind, but their windows are boarded up until Memorial Day and their lawns overgrown.

It is a bright, crisp, day, sunny with a near-cloudless blue sky and a wild driving wind.

We delayed breakfast until we’d anchored, and thus at 1pm we sat down to french toast and cool four hour old coffee.

I don’t know what the afternoon will hold in store. Maybe a trip ashore to explore the island lending us shelter. Maybe a fresh coat of paint on deck, the rig could use some tuning.

It’s a magnificent day to be foot loose and fancy free.

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