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Pitchin’ Woo!

Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on September 27, 2011

This is Pitchin’ Woo! the tender to Mama Tried. Where I grew up, tenders are called “punts,” although some would argue a boat must have a flat bottom and square bow to be a punt. I would argue that’s a pram, and that the proper term, regardless of region is dinghy, but then no one would be listening because I would have become so terribly boring. Back to Woo!….

Pitchin Woo! had three rather severe tears in her hull when we came into her. We gave her a refit last winter, including steaming new oak rails for her, and she has ferried us back and forth from Mama Tried ever since.

Woo begins to feel sort of like the family mutt when we’re under way; we tow her along behind us all day and row her around for a little exercise in the evening.  “Sorry Woo!, brace yourself!” I’ll yell over the stern when we take a lumpy wave.

She puts up with an awful lot, and I’m glad to have her.

Having named the boat, blog, and now punt with seventies country music references, Elias has asked that I not name the next thing in life that needs naming.

I think this is really unfortunate, because don’t you think “Jolene” has such a sophisticated ring to it?


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