Woman Enough

The Whale!

Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on September 27, 2011

Yesterday, we saw a whale. It’s in this terrible picture. The whale is the amorphous speck in the middle, slightly darker than the water.

A whale!

We heard it surfacing for a long time before we ever saw it. The blows were loud, and we thought they were [large?] harbor porpoises nearby. It must have been our whale friend pretty far off, though. Because a few minutes later, a minke whale came up for a breath right beside us.

A much better picture would have been our faces, which were frozen in a state of surpised delight and disbelief for quite some time.

That is not a porpoise,” I pointed out, needlessly I suppose, to Elias.

The whale surfaced around us a few more times, and eventually I pulled myself out of awed paralysis and took this picture, just as it was working its way a good distance from the boat.

But you know what? Our boat is really little. And even a small minke whale like ours is quite significant. And it was fabulous!

And right now we’re on a borrowed mooring in a great little cove. There’s a Great Blue Heron on the shore nearby and the sun is making its way into the sky for the third in a string of crisp, lovely sailing days. Who knows what we’ll see or where we’ll wind up, or what things will be like when my head hits the pillow tonight.


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