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And A Little About You

Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on September 29, 2011

I’ve had a few people ask lately how many readers are coming to WomanEnough.

At first, I didn’t know. I purposely don’t check the analytics for the site because I don’t want it to matter; I write the blog because it enriches my analysis of my experience. It also keeps me writing something audience-worthy every few days, which is very different from the mad scribbling that happens in notebooks and unnamed Word files the rest of the time.

So I was surprised and delighted to see that there are about 80 of you stopping by each day, and that 80 is made up of about 450 people a month.

Thanks for coming, even though I take photographs with a camera with permanent smudges on the lens, and my posts are erratic, and I don’t respond to your comments and emails quite so regularly as I might if I had a house.

Let me know you’re reading in the comments if you want. Tell me about your adventures, your boats, your favorite destinations, your own dreams-turned-possibilities. Or don’t, whatever’s right for you.

But really, thanks very much. I’m delighted to share with you.



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