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Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on October 18, 2011

For a kid who doesn’t go to work, I enjoyed one heck of a legitimate weekend! After a string of dreary, rainy days last week, the weekend brought clear days, cool breezes, and a calm harbor. Lots of walks, visits with friends and neighbors, and a little community theater.

And now it’s Monday morning, and while I have no employer and no paycheck, it’s feeling pretty work-like.

Last week I secured some adorable little office space for myself downtown. From my new 36 square feet of space, I can see the harbor and all the comings and goings at the town wharf. For a delightfully affordable rent, I can use the internet, shower, and set up my desk for endless creative endeavors.

It’s a little magical, and I’m realizing that while living on the sailboat provides the basics; a place to sleep, to prepare a meal, to store [some] clothing, there are some other things that sure add a lot of oomph to quality of life. A space to unpack my books from their half dozen boxes in my parents’ attic, to set a plant (A Christmas cactus from my lovely friend Aasta), to think about writing and possible careers is really adding a lot to my days.

It raises some interesting questions about living aboard. The absence of a physical address is a lot of the charm of life afloat, but a physical place, with its windows, heat and hot water, certainly has its share of charm, too.

Sense of place is a big deal for me, whether I’m thinking about Maine, or the boat, or the houses and apartments I’ve lived in over the last thirty years. Being in spaces that inspire me to live more fully is a big part of it, and my new office certainly does that. Everything about it is me; my aunt Betty’s hand me down table, a chair from my grandmother, Aasta’s plant, a pencil holder my father made for me.

I know it won’t work out forever, and sooner or later I’ll be showering at the YMCA and writing from the library, but in the meantime it’s nice to be surrounded by things I like in a space conducive to dreaming just a little big bigger.


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