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Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on October 24, 2011

I don’t really want a new boat. I mean, I have a boat.  And I love Mama Tried.  I have a lot of sweat equity in her, and she provides a place to live and a thing to sail. Really, she’s great.

So why was my weekend spent dreaming about this boat?*

Because boats are kind of like that, aren’t they? You never stop thinking about the next one, what it will look like and what it will have that the current one lacks. For me, it’s self-tailing winches and an oven. What I would give for those two things! Throw in an inboard engine and a wet locker, and I start to forget what Mama Tried looks like.

While a year ago Elias and I needed a home and something to learn to sail on, today we have a place to live and a little more knowledge about ourselves as small boat sailors.  It’s not so much that I’m dissatisfied with Mama Tried, but I just know we’ll be moving on eventually. I didn’t stay in my first job forever, even though it was great, because I had to take the skills it gave me and move along to greater things. The same will likely be true for boats.

And if we have to upgrade eventually, what’s the harm in looking around a little now, right?

The harm is that my dad has seven boats, stored in various places and splashed into a couple different harbors. It’s clearly more boats than he needs, but not more than he wants. At moments, its a strain on his marriage, and at others a strain on his back. Boats just sort of arrive in his life and he accepts them.

My father is the maritime equivalent of the eccentric cat lady, and I’m worried it might be catching.

That old wooden boat we looked at this weekend just looked so easy to love, so willing to come home with us. Just a modest investment of funds and a significant deposit of labor and heartache and she could be ours.

Really, what’s the harm?


*I’m linking to the boat ad because I’m not going to buy it, but if any of you, patient blog-reading friends, wanted to purchase this beauty, well, I’d be happy to let you take me for a sail!


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