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Better late than never?

Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on October 28, 2011

I promised a glimpse inside my office. Here it is:

I’m sort of in love with the office cooperative model. Right now, three of us occupy the space (one in a nook like mine, one in an actual office with a real door), and there’s room for four more people. It’s sort of an incubator  for new business, because the rent is much lower than a single-occupancy office and much, MUCH lower than a Main Street store front (which we have, the front office is, indeed, a Main Street store front for $300 a month, less than a third the going rate).

I like the idea of giving new businesses a place to set up, meet with clients, and an address for their business cards. For me, it’s a pleasant place to write and it gives me a physical space ashore to align with. I’m around the corner from where Elias works, and we can have lunch together most days. I have a view of the harbor and, despite all the things that can make writing a little isolating, I have office mates who cheerfully breeze in and out every little while.

Like any office, there’s terrible coffee and no one deals with their recycling properly.

Meanwhile, temperatures here in the great north are dropping steadily. This morning, we had frost on the portlights for the first time. Mama Tried is cozy and sweet. I got a bunch of oak wood scraps yesterday and they’re good, hot, slow burners in the woodstove.

I’m settling nicely into the rhythm of fall, and enjoying watching how a harbor prepares for winter. I am further reminded how much I appreciate living close to the weather, when it’s fair and when it’s poor.

Mostly, I’m feeling grateful to live in a place with the kinds of people who start office cooperatives, where it’s easy to live on your boat all year round, and the company while you do it is just superb.


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