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Water, Water

Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on November 2, 2011

“Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink.” It is not quite as dire aboard Mama Tried as Coleridge intended when he wrote those famous words in the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. But the water situation isn’t pretty right now, either.

We spent most of the summer blissfully happy on a dock in the middle of the harbor. We  had our delightful neighbor boat hippies and were left undisturbed by boat gawkers and wharf walkers passing along the docks.

As the temperatures are dropping, however, we’re less thrilled to be  out on our float, and we’re anxiously waiting to move into our winter slip.

The winter dock is a wharf, attached to land, with a parking lot and other boats. It also has these handy electric outlets, and we can plug our boat into them, and then we aren’t supplying all our power from our solar panels anymore.

With this electrifying power, we can run a small heater, which means that when we’re not on the boat, something is still heating the boat.

What does any of this have to do with water?

Water condenses everywhere in a fiberglass boat. Mine is insulated, and thus condensation only forms on the cabin overheard, which is not insulated (really, we didn’t have any standing head room to spare).  So as I sleep, all my breath condenses on the overhead above me, forming heavy drops of water, which, once heavy enough, release their hold on the overhead and fall down. Onto me. And my bedding.

And, if being wet were not uncomfortable enough, it’s important to remember that this is happening because it’s really, really cold. As in, today temperatures may hit the low 50’s and they’re calling it a warm day.

On the opposite end of the water spectrum, we can’t seem to keep any in our tanks, which we’re filling five gallons at a time because it is TOUGH to row five gallons of water out to your boat, we don’t really think about making it ten or fifteen. Try as I might to conserve, we’re still out of water more often than not.

So I’m looking forward to moving the boat shore-side, which still may be a month or so away. In the meantime, it’s rain gear pajamas and a good old fashioned water bottle.

And because I don’t want to write wines and moans about a trivial inconvenience associated with a lifestyle I truly love, let me make it perfectly clear that I have woken up to some of the most beautiful, sun-drenched, frost-coated mornings of my life this week. It has been  truly pleasant, except for the cold, damp and thirsty part!


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