Woman Enough

The off-season

Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on January 10, 2012

I love a new year. And I realize you have every right to be furrowing your brow because we are, actually, a week and a half into 2012 and I am just now getting around to acknowledging that beastly season of winter holidays. Fair enough.

I took a little time to run myself ragged over the holidays and then retreat into the solitary quiet of winter immediately afterward. Maine seems to be glistening with early morning ice these days, and I am enjoying that brief period when winter feels comforting and relaxing as I hunker down for the long wait for mud season.

Elias and his sister took Mama Tried for her final 2011 sail on December 20, which is pretty good for these parts. An eight month sailing season in Maine is more the stuff of wishful thinking than anything else. I keep marveling at what a change it is for Mama Tried, who spent years on the hard, her sailing life looking mostly done, before she became out home.

We covered the boat with her shrink wrap bubble on January 6, and have thoroughly enjoyed cabin temperatures in the fifties when we wake up and a condensation-free living space.

Like mother nature, we’re retreating to a certain extent. Less time and energy is being spent outdoors, and boat projects seem to be waiting for spring. we’re focused on life below, tidying the cabin we find ourselves spending more and more time in. We’ve thrown ourselves headfirst into the business of learning to cook with a pressure cooker, which is comfortingly domestic and delicious.

So a new year starts quietly, with household projects and longing looks out to sea. The focus is internal as we calm ourselves before the springtime begins its burst.