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She Who is Yet to be Named!

Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on March 29, 2012

On Monday of this week, when I met Elias for lunch on Mama Tried, as per usual, he was jittery.

“I’m really nervous,” he said.

I had to pick at him in a couple different ways, but eventually he admitted that he’d seen a boat he really liked on Craigslist, and he’d sent the owner an email.

“Why are you nervous?” I asked, because even for someone as gifted at anxiety as I am, this doesn’t really make the cut for sweaty armpits and jittery feet.

“Because, what if someone else emailed him first? What if it’s gone?”

This is how paramount the search for the next boat; one we want but not one we really need, has become to my dear, rational partner.

No one got there first, and the following day we were aboard the boat, a tough little Allied Seawind 30 in South Portland, and the next morning we committed to buying her.

So may I introduce the newest addition to the Mama Tried tribe:

All details are yet to be determined, but we are, at this moment, full of the usual daydreams that accompany possibility.

And you know what? She has RADAR!



Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on March 20, 2012

Today marked an important milestone in the slow march to spring; Elias and I enjoyed lunch outdoors. We sat on the dock, our backs against Pitchin’ Woo, our tender, and scarfed mac-n-cheese loaf sandwiches and pickles.

We spent the half hour building our list of spring time projects, and I found myself excited for repairs in the coming weeks, and the eventual first weekend sail.

Hopefully we’ll be hauling out for a paint job, installing a new stove, and working on a small deck repair*. The water at the yard will be back on soon, too, and when I’m not working on Mama Tried or Pitchin’ Woo or writing, I’ll be working on some varnish for a friend.

Today, the world is as light as it dark, but the first day of spring always seem more hopeful than that. It’s starting, the new season is starting, and despite an easy winter, I’m feeling terribly ready.

*A few weeks ago we were quietly watching Trailer Park Boys as the wind howled around us, and awoke to the sound of crunching fiberglass. the wind on our plastic cover was too much for one of the forward stanchions, and drove it down into the deck.


Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on March 1, 2012

Hi, all! Welcome to the new home of Woman Enough!

The real secret to the move, the sneaky underhanded motivation for such a cruel disruption, is that the price of hosting my own domain sky-rocketed and I was opposed to paying the new charges. I figured you all would be okay with a change of address, and the good news is that having to pour over all the previous blog content has gotten me kind of jazzed about writing some new stuff.

So that’s the scoop. It’s pretty fitting with the whole financial make up of my lifestyle, which is keeping things cheap so I can do more stuff I want to do and less stuff I don’t.

I’ll be uploading more and more of the old posts in the next few days. Thanks for coming along.