Woman Enough


Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on March 20, 2012

Today marked an important milestone in the slow march to spring; Elias and I enjoyed lunch outdoors. We sat on the dock, our backs against Pitchin’ Woo, our tender, and scarfed mac-n-cheese loaf sandwiches and pickles.

We spent the half hour building our list of spring time projects, and I found myself excited for repairs in the coming weeks, and the eventual first weekend sail.

Hopefully we’ll be hauling out for a paint job, installing a new stove, and working on a small deck repair*. The water at the yard will be back on soon, too, and when I’m not working on Mama Tried or Pitchin’ Woo or writing, I’ll be working on some varnish for a friend.

Today, the world is as light as it dark, but the first day of spring always seem more hopeful than that. It’s starting, the new season is starting, and despite an easy winter, I’m feeling terribly ready.

*A few weeks ago we were quietly watching Trailer Park Boys as the wind howled around us, and awoke to the sound of crunching fiberglass. the wind on our plastic cover was too much for one of the forward stanchions, and drove it down into the deck.


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