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Dreams, realized

Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on May 14, 2012

When I worked on a larger boat, it was not uncommon for crew to regularly dream about the boat we’d given large portions of our lives to doing strange things. For me, the ship was usually converted into a tree house, and whatever aspect of boat life I was struggling with (the head, the schedule, the lack of personal space) was exemplified in the boat tree house. I attribute much of this to the fact that I missed trees, specifically woods, a lot while living at sea.

All of us, however, dreamed of driving our boat down a conventional street at one time or another. It was a strange dream to occur in the subconscious of everyone, but it was a delightful dream. The boat moved forward, but instead of pitching side to side or forward and back, it simply glided, like a car, down the interstate at six knots.

Last weekend, I lived the dream; our new boat, which still lives nameless and lonely in Portland, was launched, and in the process, Elias and I stood in the cockpit while she was hauled around on a hydraulic trailer. Immediately afterward, the boat was launched and we got to drive her, the way we will for many years, I suspect, through the water and into a slip.

She floats; there’s no water where there shouldn’t be and we were both impressed with what a delight she was to operate.

This is the beginning of a new relationship with a new vessel, and it’s fitting to me that this time we start with a journey, rather than a winter aboard. Then she’ll start working her way into my dreams.


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