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New Shoes

Posted in Uncategorized by womanenough on September 11, 2012

Yesterday, I told Elias that I want to buy something expensive. “Something expensive” is an eighty dollar pair of shoes. I already own these shoes. I purchased them, four years ago, and had them mailed to my Washington, DC apartment.

They walked with me to work; the best city commute imaginable, five blocks by foot, into the heart of your nation’s capitol.

I wore them back to Maine, they rested on the floor of a rental car as I drove, with a cat and public radio for company, back home.

I was wearing them the day I fell off and iceberg into the sea, and, backless though they were, they stayed on my frozen feet. I wore them that whole summer of cooking to and from the Arctic. I wore them the winter I worked in the discount department store, I wore them last winter with pressed slacks to jobs at bookstores and galleries.

Those shoes have stepped from wharf to rail countless times as I have transitioned from city living to the funny existence of one who lives aboard.

They’re tired and scuffed, and it’s time for a new pair, the same kind, but purchased with money I earned a different way. I earned it by molding my words into something that made people care about this funny world I live in, where eighty dollar shoes are something you discuss at length with a man who lived, for a while at least, in a shed.

“Of course,” said Elias. “Buy the shoes.”

I’m giddy today, wondering—

Where those shoes and I might go next.